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Yesterday's post Replica Watches,Swiss Replica Watches,Rolex Replica Watches gave an overview of the history and origins of diving Replica Watches watches. Today's dive watches are mostly used for desk-diving, as collectors refer primarily to the time they spend in the office. They rarely come in direct contact with salty seawater. Replica Watches However, this watch category is still very popular. Jacques-Yves Cousteau, a pioneer in research and development of dive watches, was active in the 1950's, 1960's, and with a variety of watch companies. Dive watches were life-saving instruments back then, Replica Watches which is a stark contrast to today's main purpose for this watch category. We'll start this morning with the watches Cousteau and his crew wore in the 1960's. We'll be talking about the watches they wore in the 1970's, 1980's and 1990's.Introduced in Replica Watches 1967, the Lip Nautic-Ski became very popular mainly because of its Calypso connection. This case was a cutting-edge technology at the time. It featured two crowns and was soon dubbed 'Supercompressor'. Ervin Piquerez invented this case. It offered 200m water resistance with no screw-down crowns. The R184 electro-mechanical movement would be the future in watch accuracy.Replica Watches

After the Swiss Replica Watches Second World War, Lieutenant Claude Riffaud and Captain Swiss Replica Watches Robert 'Bob" Maloubier, both from the French combat diving corps started looking for a watch that could withstand their military diving missions. They helped Blancpain refine its Swiss Replica Watches legendary Fifty Fathoms, which had been created by Jacques Fiechter, the brand's CEO. The film 'Silent World (1956) shows Cousteau wearing a Rolex ref.6205, while Andre Laban (his chief diver and engineer) wore a Blancpain FF. The Rolex is one the Swiss Replica Watches earliest Submariner references. It is also the first to have a dial that reads "Submariner". This iconic Rolex diver Swiss Replica Watches was presented at Baselworld 1954. It was considered, along with the Blancpain FFF, the pinnacle in diver's watch technology.Swiss Replica Watches

Three models were available as soon as the Rolex Submariner was Rolex Replica Watches made. The Submariner ref.6200 had a water resistant of 200 meters, Submariner sub.6204 had a 100-meter water resistence and Submariner rep.6205 had a self-winding caliber A.260 Rolex Replica Watches with a water repellence of 100 meters. At the time, there were no crown guards. The FF was considered to be the first modern dive watch. It featured all of the design elements that we now consider standard in modern dive watches: a black dial with Rolex Replica Watches contrasting self-luminous numbers, indexes, and a notched unidirectional, also in black, with luminous numbers, and indexes. 42 millimeters in diameter, the original edition had long lugs. The watch was waterproof to 50 fathoms, which is why it was Rolex Replica Watches called the "Fifty Fathoms". Fifty fathoms is a British measurement unit that corresponds to a depth equivalent to 91.45m. This was considered the safest depth divers could reach at that time.Rolex Replica Watches

These are Replica Watches just two of the many ways Cousteau and his crew can be Rolex Replica Watches seen. They also have Omega Seamaster 300's as well as Lip Nautic Skis and the Aquastar deepstar. The film 'World without Sun' and the first part of the series The undersea realm of Rolex Replica Watches Jacques Cousteau' show Albert Falco and Jacques Cousteau with a Blancpain FF. Andre Laban and Jacques Cousteau are seen with early Rolex submariners (no Crown Guards/NCG).Conshelf II's divers had Omega Seamaster 300's Swiss Replica Watches (ref.165.024) and this model was introduced in 1964. The experiment began in the summer 1963. Raymond Coll and Philippe Cousteau are also seen sporting Aquastar Deepstar models, while Bernard Delmotte was wearing, among other things, a Nivada Swiss Replica Watches Grenchen Depthomatic. Divers can also be seen wearing the ZRC Grands Fonds as well as the Lip Nautic-Ski on their wrists. Let's get to the point and look at the watches in detail.Replica Watches